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"Only"......for the Love of your life!

About Us


Welcome to Ramblin Rose Miniature Horse Ranch!!

"Only"......for the Love of your life!

If you are looking for a show prospect or Only a loving companion you will find quality in both here.


Bowens Ramblin Rose Ranch is where you will find the "Only" prefix, look for it.


"Only" double registered, "Only" correct little horses, "Only" quality, "Only" honesty....I'm sure you will see others who advertise more than me, I could buy advertising but I can not buy good references. Please feel free to contact any of the people who own my little horses.

From time to time, people have told me......."lighten up, it's only a horse," or, "that's a lot of money for only a horse".
They don't understand the distance traveled, the time spent, or the costs involved for "only a horse." Some of my proudest moments have come about with "only a horse."
Many hours have passed and my only company was "only a horse," but I did not once feel slighted. Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by "only a horse," and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch of "only a horse" gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day.
If you, too, think it's "only a horse," then you will probably understand phrases like "only a friend," "only a sunrise," or "only a promise."
"Only a horse" brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust, and love.
"Only a horse" brings out the compassion and patience that make me a better person. Because of "only a horse" I will rise early and look longingly to the future.
So for me and folks like me, it's not "only a horse" but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment.
"Only a horse" brings out what's good in me and diverts my thoughts away from myself and the worries of the day.
I hope that someday you will understand that it's not "only a horse" to me, my horses keep me from being "only a woman."   -Debby


Please take your time looking at my horses, I believe you'll like what you see.


Where are we located?

My ranch is in Middle Georgia, not far from the marker set in the exact center of the state.  Conveniently located, the property adjoins Interstate 16 that runs from Macon to Savannah.  Nothing fancy here at Ramblin Rose and no more minis than I can give individualized care to everyday.


How did we get our Name?

A lot of thought was going into picking a ranch name and prefix.  I had narrowed it down to 2 names when I realized what I  had been calling my black mare just seemed right.  Her nickname was "Rose" and soon after she was delivered, she kept jumping the fence and running down the road.  I would lovingly call her "Ramblin Rose".  Needless to say, all the fencing has been replaced......... there'll be no more fence jumping here! For my prefix I settled on "Only" ..."Only" double registered, "Only" correct little horses, "Only" quality, "Only" honesty....


My Care & Feeding Program.

Here at Ramblin Rose, my miniature horses are played with and hugged EVERYDAY.  They are fed Nutrena pelleted feed/grain and have good quality Coastal or Alicia Bermuda hay as well as free choice minerals and salt.  I inoculate every 6 months. They are wormed regularly and fecal counts done to be sure they need it or not.  Rabies, coggins and teeth are done yearly and Gary Fluhr does teeth exams.  Hooves are done by me, at 10 week intervals. We do foals to yearlings weekly and monthly ourselves.  My babies are minimally imprinted at birth so they will seek and trust human attention but I don't go overboard, I will NOT shave to the skin my babies. I do shear but only to deal with the heat until they are able to shed out on their own as 2 year olds, Nature provided them with this for a reason. They are halter, lead and tie trained and will usually have had their first shave venting when going to their new home at around 7 or 8 months of age. My broodmares receive the extra pampering their increased needs demand including being given their Prodigy at 5,7 and 9 months, along with being individually stalled and monitored at foaling time. MY babies are allowed to be babies, but they will be friendly and ready for you to finish your way.

   I do NOT wean early to sell a foal or otherwise, these are not puppies they are little HORSES, they need the time to form the confidence they need from their Dams. To me weaning at 2 to 3 months is unacceptable and most done this way will have a pot bellied look to them shortly thereafter because they are not yet able to utilize feed nor exert them selves in a group at feed time, Their bodies cannot yet absorb what they need from a low fat diet. Many foals weaned this way will develop ulcers. Before 4 months mine are eating very well alone but they still depend on their Mom for that extra fat from being able to nurse but more so for safety, some hardly ever nurse but they still need their Mom for various other reasons to make them well adjusted.

I evaluate each foal individually usually beginning the weaning process between 5 and  6 months and I do it by the moon signs. Each responsible breeder does things differently, my way works for me and you must know my horses are dry lotted 60 - 70% of the time so whereas someone with a large herd and nice 24/7 grassy pasture can wean a little earlier, mine depend on me more than their Dams at feed time.


How your horse was raised should be a BIG part of your buying experience, you must take this into consideration.

A fat healthy foal or adult miniature horse taken from a nice size group out in a pasture, with plenty of grass purchased and taken to a dry lot or sparse pasture will go down fast if not managed correctly - A fat healthy foal or adult miniature horse taken from a strictly managed herd on dry lot purchased and taken to a 24/7 good pasture will go down fast if not managed correctly.

A good, honest experienced breeder will make sure you know how to tend to the horse they sell you. Please pay attention!!


I am Hands won't find a trainer or hired help here!  My free time (what's that?) is spent mucking stalls and tending my little horses.


What we offer.

"Only" Healthy, Happy, Friendly and colorful little horses that are raised with LOVE !!!  All of my miniature horses are double registered, some triple.  All  stock is DNA'd.

All breeding quality babies are placed with their new families with Bill of Sale, Registration transfer and Parent Qualified certificate in hand. Almost all  colts will require a gelding contract and the little guys WILL then have both sets of papers provided. Non breeding quality fillies will not knowingly be sold to breeding homes.

I have spent a lot of time selecting my foundation stock and they are correct in every way.

I want to breed as near to a perfectly proportioned horse under 34" that I can.

Appaloosa color is my goal, but I won't sacrifice conformation for color.

*My horses have good bites, good legs -absolutely NO stifle problems and no retained testicles, I also will not breed a horse that shows any conformation defects or any dwarfism traits. If they go over size, they have their A papers pulled. You can be assured that I give accurate heights on my horses.

"Only" correct little horses, "Only" quality, "Only" honesty.......

"Only" for the Love of your life!


International Inquiries Appreciated.


How do you purchase a mini from  Ramblin Rose?

That's easy - Contact me! - to make an appointment to visit.  I'll help you pick out the horse you want.  If you can't come I will send you an in depth, current video of any horse you are considering, *in hand  *at liberty *with measuring stick *close up of legs *under tail *lips pulled back, etc.  You can use Debit Cards through PayPal for your non-refundable deposit (a fee will apply), you may use personal checks, or use my *No Interest *4 month payment plan.  I will take good care of your horse while you are making payments- In other words, no horse leaves here until paid in full and payment has cleared.  Personal checks etc.must clear the bank before the horse will be shipped, this sometimes takes up to 21 days. On transport nothing but cash is accepted.  I accept Pay Pal via contract (a 4% fee will apply) for your convenience (if needed) but I do not accept Credit Cards for payment.  I also do accept good old Federal Reserve notes!


    I will help you arrange for transportation and will handle, or help handle everything for international travel.

 Your new miniature horses will come with an up to date health record. All of my horses are current on worming and inoculations. A current coggins certificate, if going out of state, and an Interstate health certificate (if your state requires it) is provided for all horses sold for over $1,800. For private treaty sales and/or all sales under $1,800 the buyer is responsible for all transport requirements, including coggins and health certificates.


Thank you so much for visiting my site! Please sign my Guestbook



Equine Transport

When I am Old...
I shall wear diamonds and a wide brimmed straw hat with silver and leather on it, and I shall spend my social security
on white wine and carrots and sit in the alley of my barn and listen to my horses breathe.

When people come to call I will smile and nod as I walk them past the gardens to the barn and show, instead, the beauty growing stalls fresh-lined with straw.

I will shovel and sweat and wear hay in my hair as if it were a jewel and I will be an embarrassment to all who look down on me. They've not yet found the peace in being free to love a horse as a friend, a friend who waits at midnight hour with nuzzle and nicker and patient eyes for the kind of woman I will be when I am old. -Author Unknown


*unless otherwise noted, if I feel anything is wrong with the horse offered it will be posted on my Web site.

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