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"Only"......for the Love of your life!    ~Nursery & Prior Sales

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~Our  Nursery Taylor and Honey
My Nursery is closed, 2010 was my last foaling year. Thank you to everyone who gave homes to my little horses over the years.

Scroll below for my Prior Sales section to see the quality of my past foals.

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~Prior Sales

 My babies ~They are ALL my babies  must go to approved homes. Doesn't have to be Fancy, I'm talking about safe fencing with adequate shelter and daily care. All horses must have clean fresh water, food and decent hay, minis are no different. They need homes with knowledgeable owners who will also provide routine health care via a trusted veterinarian. Lots of Love is mandatory, they will return it 3 fold.


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"Indy" -Solid Black Appaloosa Mare  SOLD

ONLY Cherokees Miss Independance AMHR *34+" DNA Parent Qualified with AMHA
Click here for more photos of Indy

Appaloosa  breeders take notice of this mare, this is what you need to produce color! Indy is a Beautiful "Little Horse" she is exactly what I've been breeding for! legs shorter than girth look to this girl, she looks like a horse. sweet as sugar too! Indy will be an asset to anyone's program.
*Note that at this time Indy has outgrown her A paper. With a good heel under her and fat as a tick she will not measure under 34 and she may not ever again, I'm not flattening her feet or taking away her groceries to see. She will sell with AMHR and AMHA as well if you want it.

This girl is gorgeous AND covered with black spots...yes really.


Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star
Bay Leopard Appaloosa w/Blue eyes

"Daffy" -Chestnut Mare   SOLD

Little Americas Daffy of LHH    AMHA AMHR 30.50"

Click here for more photos of Daffy -Including all her foals.

This is the type of Mare everyone hopes to have. She is a good solid broodmare. She throws correct, will throw color, and is a good dependable foal without assistance mare as well as an excellent mother. She's a filly maker too. This mare would shine in a dilute program.
Look at her foals, you won't be disappointed in her.


Thank you Kim for giving my Indy and Daffy a new home. I wish you much luck with these Wonderful girls. 

Castle Rocks Hez Awesome


"Aussie" Bay Leopard Stallion  born 5.22.08 33" AMHA & AMHR  SOLD
Out of: Silver Bay - Sanders Bit O Honey
By: Black Leopard Appaloosa - Timberviews Simply Awesome

Extremely Refined little stallion with an Awesome personality.

Click here for his page

Sire                     Dam

12-2010 Thank you to Teri Sullivan in Tennessee. Aussie is a wonderful little stallion who will do you proud! turned around from a rough start in life, this little diamond sparkles brightly now!

Fallen Stars Rayne Man

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"Hawk" Bay blanket Appaloosa (pintaloosa) Colt -One Blue Eye- Born 2.9.09 AMHA-AMHR \E
30.25" as a yearling.
Out of: Blue Eyed Bay Sabino Overo -Fallen Stars Georgia Girl
By: Bay Leopard Appaloosa -Fallen Stars Jorja Rayne (both shown below)

Sire                     Dam
10-29-2010 Thank you to Diane Graham in Florida. This is a "nice" colt with a beautiful head. He is one that I would have Loved to have had way back when. It was hard to part with him, I adore pintaloosas.
He is gorgeous and I'm going to miss his beautiful face every morning.



Only Cherokees Scarlet Storm

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 28.25" as a yearling. Official measurement 29" on Sept. 9, 2010

TINY with a beautiful head.

Born Sunday April 5 2009 Tiny -18" day after birth -Bay Filly AMHA AMHR (pending both)

Scarlett is one Beautiful little Filly! Gorgeous Big eyes and correct in every way.

Out of: Little Americas Daffy LHH  DAMS PEDIGREE

By: Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star  SIRES PEDIGREE

Click here for more photos of Scarlet

Sire                     Dam
09-20-2010 Thank you to Janet Singleton in Alabama for choosing Scarlet she is the epitome of the "little horse" and one of the nicest I ever produced..I am very proud of her.


Only Jorjas Dun Appyrition

AMHA AMHR  Born 3.26.2010
Zebra Dun Appaloosa colt 
By: Fallen Stars Jorja Rayne
Out of: Little Americas Daffy of LHH
(click here for more photos of A.J.)
This colts a real head turner exhibiting EXTREME Dun factor. PLUS he is an Appaloosa with a nice spotted blanket.

Sire                     Dam

06-10-2010 Thank you to Justine in N.C. for acquiring Daffys first colt. "A.J." (short for AppleJack) is a gorgeous boy with VERY unique color. I've seen very few horses exhibit such extreme Dun factor...I've never seen another like him.


Only Cherokees Spotted Cotton

Colt Born 4.12.2008 @ 3:50 a.m AMHA-PQ / AMHR
By: Bay Leopard Appaloosa -  "Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star" -  SIRES PEDIGREE
Out of: Chestnut Snowflake Appaloosa - Bowens RRR Sugar Bey B Wenona -

Sire            Dam

10-09 Thank you to Mary Ann Wilson from Florida for choosing "Cotton" as a mate for your little mare. I know you will Love him as I do. He is one Gorgeous little man!!

Only Cherokees Pretty Vegas

  Filly born 4-14-07  Bay roan big blanket with spots, heavy characteristic appaloosa filly with a star.

 Out of: Bay Roan Appaloosa bred - Dillards HHH Taylors Bit O Honey  - DAMS PEDIGREE

By: Bay Leopard Appaloosa - Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star SIRES PEDIGREE


Sire                     Dam


Only Cherokees Blue Moon Melody 


 born 5-29-07 18.5 day after birth Black Snowflake Appaloosa Filly....

Out of: Solid Chestnut - Little Americas Daffy LHHDAMS PEDIGREE

By: Bay Leopard Appaloosa - Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star SIRES PEDIGREE


Sire                     Dam

9-09 Thank you so much Sherry Wreay at Sandy Oaks Miniature Horse Farm in Texas for choosing to add "Pretty AND "Mel" to your herd.


Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star  30.50"  AMHA -AMHR Stallion

 Bay Leopard Appaloosa

Jan. 2009 thank you so much to Janet Sieg of Wildflower Miniatures in Minnesota for choosing Cherokee to add to her new venture. Janet I know you will be just as pleased with him as I have been.



Dillards HHH  Taylors Bit O Honey   31.00

AMHA/AMHR Filly born 4-25-02  20" at birth DNA Parent Qualified


4W Hurricane Harry 30"


Dillards Chocolate Shortcake 29.50"

I purchased Bitty and her Dam when she was 2 days old and named her after our Granddaughter.  Bitty is a beautiful Bay Roan w/Black points and is MUCH nicer than this photo portrays.  She was born friendly! Unlike her full sister below she inherited no appy except some mottling in her mouth. Bitty had her first foal in 2007, a gorgeous bay roan snowcap filly. You may see her here.

Click here for her excellent pedigree  |   Click here for current photos

I sold my Little Bitta in July 2008. It is hard for me to part with my horses, especially the ones who were hand picked to be a part of my breeding program. When you have to choose who to let go of you pray for help in finding a good home with a reputable farm. I'm sure I found that for our Bitta. I miss her but her new owner is very happy with her. Congratulations and Thank you to Viki J Carson of TC Mini Family Farms in Oklahoma for adding our girl to your breeding program, I hope you have many happy years together.

"Only Cherokees Toy Soldier"  -GELDING

d.o.b. 5-27-06   AMHA~AMHR -PQ

Dams pedigree

Sires pedigree

20" at birth with a 7 3/4" cannon. Soldier has beautiful Appaloosa eyes, extensive mottling and striped hooves. Out of 2 colorful appaloosas, Bowens RRR Sugar Bey B Wenona and Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star he is full characteristic and IS coloring. He's staying small! 29" as a  2 year old.

Thank you so much to Nancy and Jack Campbell -Ga. for choosing my little Soldier and giving him the best home ever!

Bowens RRR W.O.M. Dottie Le Dish -AMHR

World Of Miniatures Dotty Le Dish -AMHA

  30.50 foaled 6-7-96 DNA'd


Grosshills Steppin Out


Grosshills Comofin Falabella


Sweetwaters Changing Colors


Johnstons Super Charger

Dottie Lee Dish
Gray Few Spot Appaloosa Mare bred to Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star for 2008
Nov. 12 2007 Dottie (or DD as I called her) is a wonderfully friendly GORGEOUS Mare who I purchased from Erica Killion of Ericas Tiny Trotters in Arkansas in early 2004. My DD left today for a new journey in her life, Thank you and Congratulations! to Melba Mullins of Ridgerunner Miniatures in Missouri I wish you the best with her.

Only Cherokees Night Train

born 4-27-07  Black Appaloosa characteristic colt... Out of:  Bowens RRR Sugar Bey B Wenona By: Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star  AMHA PQ AMHR

Congratulations to:Wyatt Schmidt.

 Night Train, who Wyatt affectionately dubbed "Choo-Choo" now resides in North Carolina. Thank you!  I hope you enjoy each other.


Miniature Horse Mare - Harley

Bowens RRR My Dazzles Harlequin 32"

Filly ~  born 4-4-04 at 21.75" AMHA~AMHR P.Q.

  "Harley"  Pintaloosa Filly

Bowens RRR Stars Chickadee  Bay Appaloosa  

Born 4-11-05 at 18". Out of Little Americas Daffy and by Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star  AMHA/AMHR PQ

3-25-07 Congratulations and Thank you so much to Patricia Dallas -Fla. on her purchase of these 2 beautiful girls!


These next 3 horses were sold due to losing our business, otherwise they would still be here.


Rockwood Farms Dixie Duchess

AMHA/AMHR Filly born 8-9-04  -Pet

Congratulations 9-5-05 Thank you to  Cheryl & Ben Weaver! -Ga.  I could not have ordered a better family for this girl! I wish you much good luck and lots of Love with your new minis.

Shamstones My Heart Will Go On "Rose"

(see her '04 filly here)  DNA AMHA/AMHR  32.25" foaled  5-29-98

Congratulations August 2005 to new owner Christy D'Armond of D'Armonds Littlest Angels in Louisiana.

 Thank you for giving my Rose a wonderful new chapter in her life. I wish you the best of luck with her. Like Shortcake below, Rose was another I did not want to part with, so having her go to an established breeder who is incorporating her into a breeding program she was born for is a blessing.



Dillards Chocolate Shortcake; Tiny Blue Roan Mare

Congratulations July 2005 to new owners Lash and Janice Hayes from Hayes Rocky Creek Ranch. Cake is a wonderful little proven and dependable broodmare who is welcome back here anytime.  I wish you the best with her and look forward to seeing her foal by my Cherokee next spring. 

When you have to part with some you don't really want to, it is a blessing for folks like you to come along, ~ Thank you.


Rocking Horse Ranch I Love Lucy

Congratulations to new owners Ann and Rachel Kingsbury from Florida.


Bowens RRR Liberty Belle 7-2-04

Filly out of Lucy and Sired by Tornado


  Here's a  BIG Thank you to the Beaty family in Ga. for giving our girl such a wonderful home.



Lucy and Cowboy 03  Cowboy going home with new family

Bowens RRR  Cocola Cowboy 6-28-03

Colt out of Lucy and Sired by Tornado

AMHA AMHR  20.25" at birth.

  I'd like to extend a BIG Thank you to the Edmonson family -Ga. ~ Ginger, Lily & Morgan.

Bowens RRR Taylors Fancy Face - renamed Fancy Becca by her new family


!! Updated !! photo of now 2 year old Fancy at her first shows May & June 2005!!   Isn't she beautiful!!

Fancy Becca in Perry June 2005

We are very proud of her and so thankful to the Hunters who are the best!

Bowens RRR Fancy Becca

Filly out of Daffy also by Tornado

AMHA AMHR  DNA Parent Qualified born 7- 7-20-03  21.50" at birth.

    Proud new owners 11-03 ~  Thank you to Lucia & Andy Hunter from Matthews North Carolina. Congratulations on the new addition to your family and welcome to the wonderful world of Minis!!!!

  My precious Mr. Razzle Dazzle   My sweetie pie -Easter Bunny  

Snowcap Appy Stallion 7-1-2001

By Burnsides Running Bear 30.25" Red roan Appaloosa ~ Imported Toyhorse lines and Komoko. Out of Rocking D's Peaches and Cream 33"Sorrel snowflake Appaloosa ~ Van't Huttenest, Jefferson Halls , Stouts.


Beautiful Blue Roan Pintaloosa Mare. 4-14-01

 Excellent 7 generation pedigree. See her Sire, Dam and great Grandsires on my reference sires page. She is our Wenonas half sister. You can see more of Bunny growing up in the Photo Gallery.


*It was with a heavy heart that I offered my Razz and Bunny for sale in 2003. they each had grown taller than I want to use in my breeding program. I Love them both dearly.  I am very, very happy that they are staying together!!!  I 'd like to congratulate new owners Sheila and her daughter Michelle who have recently relocated from California to South Carolina on the purchase of their first pair of miniatures!!

Our Co-Cola

Fallen Stars Tornado

AMHA/AMHR Gorgeous 33.75 Bay Stallion

aka Coco.  Congratulations Bill Boucher and Jim Hutson of Gumpond Farms in Baconton Georgia on the purchase of this fine Stallion.

Colt ~ born 4-5-04 AMHA~AMHR

Ericas Zip Adee Do Dah

Sire: Ericas Prince Charming

Dam: World Of Miniatures Dotty Le Dish

Zippy was born in Arkansas and arrived here with his dam just a wee lad of almost 3 weeks old. Mike and Lyn, (who transported them for me), dubbed him "High Time Traveler"  when they found out that after weaning he would be going to Texas. Since he would have so many miles under his belt that was appropriate for sure!
I always must feel comfortable and approve of the facilities my horses go to along with knowing they are going to a knowledgeable home. Our little Zippy is an example of how important it is to check references, both professional i.e. vet, farrier, AND personal i.e. family & friends (if possible) but most importantly prior purchases from other breeders before we sell our babies.
 Zippy was placed (as I do all of my babies) with a hopefully LONG term, approved home who I made sure knew how he was to be fed and cared for. I send food and instruction with my foals and I expect my feeding instructions to be followed as you ease them into your care. If you cannot or won't do this, I will keep the foal for you until I feel he/she is ready to fit in with your regular feeding regimen. In Zippys case I should have done just that, supposedly he was sold in a cheap auction 3 1/2 months after arriving in his new home -why? He looked real bad, real fast from not being fed correctly. From now on my highest regard will go to references from prior purchases made by my future clients.

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