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Miniature Horse Mare - Daffy

Little Americas Daffy of LHH  -SOLD

AMHA/AMHR 31.50" foaled 5-16-96  -DNA'd  P.Q.


Komokos Native Aid   30"


Lil Hoof Hollows Darling Daphne  30.25"

Daffy is a very nice chestnut mare who always throws quality foals. She passes on her large eyes, nice hip - good topline and high tailset. This is a wonderful broodmare who foals unassisted and would be an asset to anyone's program. You can see her Fillies Wenona and Indy below, Melody here , Becca here , Dee here , Scarlet  Here and after 6 Fillies in a row! (not bred every year!) her colt here.

Click here for her excellent pedigree

  Click here for her page that shows all her foals and their sires



Bowens RRR Sugar Bey B Wenona

AMHA/AMHR  33.75" born 7-18-02  20.75" at birth -DNA Parent Qualified

Little Americas Tex Two Timer LHH 32"


Little Americas Daffy Of LHH   30.50"

Wenona  is Native American meaning  "First born daughter" She was the first miniature horse born on my ranch and out of my best mare Daffy..such a precious gift.   Wee has all the Appy characteristics plus frosted all over, small snowflakes and dark spots.
Please see her sire on my Reference page. and her outstanding sons Soldier here -Night Train here and Cotton here. I lost her 2010 foal who was named ArAPPaho. Wenona is a Gorgeous Mare by anyone's standards. She will stay here as a companion for Glory.

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Only Cherokees Miss Independence   -SOLD
AMHR born 7-04-06  23" at birth -was DNA Parent Qualified w AMHA

Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star


Little Americas Daffy LHH

Very, very nice girl my Indy. Indy has a pretty head set on a nice upright neck, good shoulder on her. She is LEGGY and very "horsey" looking, 23" with a 7 1/2 "cannon day after birth. She's outgrown her A papers. This girl is gorgeous AND covered with black spots which can be seen certain times of the year.

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Bowens RRR Glory Reigns 
AMHA/AMHR DNA Parent Qualified 31.00"
born on Easter Sunday and a tiny 18.5" at birth

4WS Hurricane Harry 


Dillards Chocolate Shortcake 

This is my little Glory-Oreo, she is The Sweetest little horse. Glory dislocated her femur from her pelvis as a 2 year old, we went through hell together. Glory has the sweetest face..she always looks like she is smiling, she is sooo spoiled and sooo the boss of all the other mares...except Daffy she was the Queen bee around here.

Glory won't ever be bred but she ADORED the foals and is who I put them with when it was time to wean them.



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