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On the following links you will find some pertinent information about miniature horses that I have collected over the years.  Some of this will be from my own experiences, some from others but all invaluable.

 This information will be updated and added to regularly.  If you have a tip or trick, medical information or something that you feel others need to know then by all means e-mail me with it and I will add it here.
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Listed in alphabetical order not in order of importance.

Breeding Chute


Banamine Injections

Common Conformation faults

Foaling Calculator

General Health --A compilation of articles from breeders the world over.

Historical Reference

Magic Shoes and stories and links to dwarfism articles.

Red Bag

Testing RH factor

The Miniature Horse - Not just a small horse.

Tips and Tricks

Weaning by the signs of the Moon

What is this liver looking thing my mare passed foaling??

Worming and Vaccinations

Equine Transport

Article on dwarfism by John Eberth


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my little Mare who has had Canker in all 4 feet.

Looking for information for treating Canker in your horses hooves? email me.
I am happy to help you and I won't charge you for what I found out by trial and error.
I won't try to make money off of your heartache...like some who claim to have found a cure But say you have to pay me for it.... I will tell you what worked for me for free.



Links to Color Genetic sites

Basic Genetics from Unicorner Farm

Breeding Paint Horses

DNA: Heredity and Beyond

Horse Genetics - from the University of California, Davis


Horse Genetics list of links

Links for genetic testing your equine

UC Davis  530-752-2211 or email

  • Parentage Verification

  • DNA Typing

  • Crossmatching (blood crossmatching services)

  • Karyotyping (chromosomal abnormalities)

  • Lethal White Overo Syndrome (disease in Paints)

  • Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis or HYPP (disease in Quarter Horses)

  • Neonatal Isoerythrolysis (disease in mules)

  • Coat color: Red Factor test and Tobiano (spotted pattern)

  • Equine Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency (GBED).
    Read more about

- Coat Color, HYPP, JEB, NI, GBED

Horse Test forms  UC Davis


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