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*You should average plus or minus 10 days for actual foaling window.

From personal experience, Miniature Horses foal around 330 +/- 10 days!


Most of mine average 320 days

*You should average plus or minus 10 days for actual foaling window.
From personal experience, Miniatures foal around 330 +/- 10 days!

Most of mine average 320 days


For fewer complications we wean and castrate our foals by the moon signs.

"Wean the baby when the sign is in the thighs going down"

You want the Zodiac to be in Sagittarius, Capricorn or Pisces -when the sign is in the thighs, knees or feet.

Most old timers will tell you Sagittarius is best.

 Below is a link showing the best dates for weaning and castration from the Old Farmers Almanac, they list the 2 current months of the year.  Hope you find it useful! 

 Click here

THE TWELVE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC And Their Relationship to the Body
In order to use these signs, you need an almanac for the current year. 

The date in the almanac will tell you the phase of the moon and the zodiac sign for that particular day. Then look at the drawing in the almanac of the twelve signs of the zodiac and their relation to the body to see what that sign means. Here are the signs and their meanings.


The Zodiac Signs

LEGS - Aquarius - Waterman January 20 to February 19
Moon in Aquarius.
       Waterman, Legs--Dry and Barren; Air, Masculine
Good sign for cultivating and  killing weeds, pests, etc. Good sign to harvest fruit and root crops. Seeds planted in Aquarius dont germinate well and are likely to rot. Air sign ruled by Uranus. Cut hair to stimulate growth. Fair for hunting.
FEET - Pisces - Fishes February 19 to March 20
Moon in Pisces
     Fish, Feet--Moist and Fruitful; Water, Feminine
One of the best signs for planting, transplanting, propagating, etc. Seeds produce strong root growth, drought resistance, deep root penetration, short top growth, and a healthy, plentiful fruit crop. Water sign ruled by Neptune. Good sign for weaning and quitting habits. Best sign for pruning and planting trees and shrubs. Also for pulling teeth, cutting hair, and fishing. Animals born now make good breeding stock.


weaning by the signs -Aries HEAD AND FACE - Aries - Ram March 20 to April 20
Moon in Aries.
        Ram, Head--Dry and Barren;   Fire, Masculine
Used for destroying   weeds, pests, etc. Good sign for plowing, tilling, and cultivating.
Plants from seeds germinated in Aries are bitter tasting and quick to bolt. they also mature faster, producing vines or stalks. Fire sign ruled by Mars. Aries is a good sign for planting beets, onions, tobacco. Its is also a good sign for hunting and fair for fishing. It is a good time to get hair perms., make jelly and pickles, baking and cooking, painting and welding.
NECK - Taurus - Bull April 20 to May 21
Moon in Taurus.
       Bull, Neck--Moist and productive;  Earth, Feminine
 #1 sign for planting root crops. Also good for planting all crops and transplanting. Seeds planted in Taurus produce hardy plants with excellent roots, short internodal length, sturdiness, and withstand drought. Earth sign ruled by  Mercury and Earth. Very good sigh for hunting and fishing; and also for canning and pickling, especially in the last quarter of the moon.
ARMS - Gemini - Twins May 21 to June 21
Moon in Gemini.
     Twins, Arms--Dry and Barren; Air, Masculine
Used for destroying weeds, pests, etc. Good sign for plowing, tilling, and cultivating. Planting in Gemini results in long, stringy, weak plants. Mow grass to retard growth. Air sign ruled by  Mercury.
BREAST - Cancer - Crab June 21 to July 23
Moon in Cancer
    . Crab, Breast--Very Moist and Fruitful; Water, Feminine
The most productive sign. #1 sign for planting, transplanting budding, grafting, dividing, starting  cuttings, all propagation. Good for watering. Seeds planted in Cancer germinate quickly. Plants propagated in cancer are the hardiest, best growing, and withstand drought. Cardinal Water sign  ruled by the Moon. It is also a good sign to set eggs for hatching and animals born or hatched in Cancer make good breeding stock. Good sign for cooking and fishing. Cut hair in cancer to stimulate growth.
HEART - Leo - Lion July 23 to August 23
Moon in Leo.
      Lion, Heart--Dry and Barren; Fire, Masculine
The most barren sign. Plow, till, cultivate, kill weeds and pests, destroy trees, bushes, and roots. Also  good for harvesting fruit and root crops."If weeds, briars and bushes are cut off in the fourth quarterof the moon in August when its place is in Leo, they will be more certainly destroyed than at any other time." Mow grass to retard growth. Dont plant or transplant anything. Fire sign ruled by the Sun. It is a good sign for hunting, baking, getting hair perms, and painting.
BOWELS - Virgo - Virgin August 23 to September 23
Moon in Virgo
      Virgin, Bowels--Moist and Barren;  Earth, Feminine
Barren sign good for cultivating and killing weeds and pests Not good for planting or transplanting
 nothing. Earth sign ruled by Mercury.    

REINS - Libra - Balance September 23 to October 23
Moon in Libra.

     . Scales, Kidneys--Moist and Semi-fruitful; Air, Masculine
 Good sign for planting crops that bear above the ground. Very good for vines and flowers. Seeds planted in Libra produce strong pulp and root growth. The best sign for planting flowers. Air sign ruled by Venus. Good sign to cut hair to stimulate growth.

SECRETS - Scorpio - Scorpion October 23 to November 22
 Moon in Scorpio
      Scorpion, Loins--Moist and Fruitful; Water, Feminine
The second best sign for planting, transplanting, all propagation. Good sign to water in. Seeds planted in Scorpio produce good vine growth, sturdiness, good fruit set, winter hardiness, and drought and cold  resistance. Good sign for planting fruit trees. Water sign ruled by Mars. Good sign for hunting and fishing. Also good to set eggs for hatching and animals born in scorpio make good breeding stock.
THIGHS - Sagittarius - Archer November 22 to December 22
 Moon in Sagittarius.
       Archer, Thighs--Dry and Barren; Fire Masculine
 Not a good sign to plant or transplant in. Good sign for cultivating and harvesting. Fruit picked in Sagittarius  keeps good. Fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Cucumbers, garlic, onions, potatos, radishes, and maple and oak trees can be planted. Good sign to wean children and animals.  Quit habits on the second day of Sagittarius. this works!  Cut hair to stimulate growth. Good for perms. Also good for hunting, baking, making jelly and pickles.    
 KNEE - Capricornus - Goat December 22 to January 20
 Moon in Capricorn.
       Goat, Knees--Moist and Semi-fruitful; Earth, Feminine
Good sign to plant and  transplant root crops. Also all crops. Produces good root and stalk growth.  Good sign for pruning and grafting. Earth sign ruled by Saturn. Good sign to pour foundations, pulling teeth, canning, weaning children and animals. Also a fair sign for fishing.
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