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 Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star  30.50"  AMHA -AMHR

 Near Leopard Bay Appaloosa

LP/lp  |  PATN1/patn1  |  Agouti  |  Splash.

NO Silver - NO Gray - NO Varnish


photos taken 6.30.2008  CLICK TO ENLARGE



Cherokee was not born a solid that roaned out, he was born with a large white spotted blanket. He has been confirmed to carry both LP/lp AND PATN/patn - the genes needed to produce color patterns.

NO Silver - NO Gray - NO Varnish


Cherokee has one of the most beautiful heads I've seen on a miniature appaloosa and he passes it on to his get, along with good length of leg which makes for a good leg to body ratio.. all packaged in a under 34" horse.  


Cherokees face is finely cut, with good width between his ultra large crystal blue eyes, additionally he possesses a nicely defined jaw...something usually lacking on a great many miniatures and his crowning glory....his tight tiny ears.

Cherokee is balanced and very smooth bodied with a nice shoulder giving him good fluid movement.



His legs are straight, his bite is good...he's just a beautiful little horse but look closely... with his excellent topline, nice tailset, and beautiful arching neck, which blends into a very tight and clean throatlatch, Cherokee is also the epitome of the halter horse. He is light of bone, not the fragile refinement winning in today's ring but he is not old timey heavy boned...nothing old fashioned about this boy, as a matter of fact his look was before it's time..... timeless quality which he is proven to replicate in his foals who are even lighter boned and more refined than him. 


Cherokee is also very good minded, he hand or pasture breeds and is a joy on the lead.


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Cherokee is a Champion who has been shown successfully but retired early to start his breeding career.  To the Left  are a few photos taken at shows in 2000.



Click here for the Legend of Chianti and Extended Pedigree with photos.

 Some of Cherokees Foals shown here below.

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